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Our Services:

Virus Removal and Clean Up:

We run several tools and antiviruses to scan for any type of malware, viruses, ads, and anything else that might be slowing down your computer, then we get rid of programs and files that you don't need and that take up your computers space. After everything is cleaned up, we ensure that your antivirus is up and running, and make sure that all windows updates are up to date.


Password Recovery:

We do several types of password recoveries.
We remove Windows Login passwords if you forgot your computer password and can't log in.
And we also try to recover lost website and email usernames and passwords. These include Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Microsoft Office, and many more.


Data Recovery:

Have you accidentally deleted all your photos or documents? Or formatted your drive by accident?
Just drop off your phone, computer, hard drive, flashdrive, or SD card, and we will make sure to recover your lost data.


Computer Upgrades:

Do you have an old computer that you just don't want to give up, but it's too old to run your software, or just want to make it run faster?
We can upgrade it in many different ways such as the installation of a different operating system, new RAM to increase your computers memory, or a Solid State Drive (SSD) to replace your old slow Hard Drive.


Network Support:

Experiencing network problems? Can't reach your server? No internet? Can't connect to your network printer?
Well, you might have some network problems then! Let us check it out for you.


Custom Requests:

Do you wan't something else done that we haven't listed?
Email us at [email protected] with the type of job you would like done.


Pricing :

Virus Removal and Clean Up $25-$120
Password Recovery $20-$60
Data Recovery $20-$120
Computer Upgrades Contact Us
Network Support - Hourly Rate $60/Hour
Service Calls - Mileage ~$0.40/KM
Custom Requests Contact Us







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